shut [shut]
shut, shutting [ME (W Midland) schutten < OE scyttan < base of sceotan, to cast: see SHOOT]
a) to move (a door, window, lid, etc.) into a position that closes the opening to which it is fitted
b) to fasten (a door, etc.) securely, as with a bolt or catch
2. to close (an opening, passage, container, etc.)
a) to prevent or forbid entrance to or exit from; close or bar
b) to confine or enclose in a room, cage, building, etc.
4. to fold up or bring together the parts of (an umbrella, book, etc. or the mouth, eyes, etc.)
5. to stop or suspend the operation of (a business, school, etc.)
to move to a closed position; be or become shut
closed, fastened, or secured
1. the act or time of shutting or closing; close
2. the connecting line between two pieces of welded metal
shut down
1. to close by lowering
2. to descend and envelop or darken a place: said of night, fog, etc.
3. to cease or cause to cease operating; close (a factory, etc.), usually temporarily
4. Informal to bring to an end or restrict severely (with on or upon)
shut in
to surround or enclose; hem in
shut of
Dial. rid of; free from
shut off
1. to prevent the passage of (electricity, steam, etc.)
2. to prevent passage through (a road, faucet, etc.)
3. to separate; isolate
shut out
1. to deny entrance or admission to; exclude (sound, a view, etc.)
2. to prevent (an opposing side or team) from scoring in a game or from winning even one game in a series of games
shut up
1. to enclose, confine, or imprison
2. to close all the entrances to
3. Informal
a) to stop or cause to stop talking
b) to prevent from speaking or writing freely; silence or censor

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